FCB Chicago pitched Del Monte business. My responsibility was to work and the most fun part of the business, Digital.

"Food Counter"

Fresh food gets wasted. A lot. To celebrate and inform those buying Del Monte that buying one can will save
fresh food from going bad, we keep a “food saved” counter which lets users know that their purchase
of Del Monte has kept food in cans and out of the trash.

"tour the farms"
Virtual Reality experience

We figured the best way to show our quality produce would be to bring people to our farms. Logistically, this is a nightmare,
but Google Cardboard makes it a VR-reality. In exchange for their email addresses, customers will receive a VR unit and a
free download of our Del Monte Freshness app. 

This experience will immerse people in the freshest environments our produce is cultivated in, showing them how their produce
is canned at the moment of peak ripeness. It’s a message they won’t soon forget as we continue to maintain their business
through email and online tactics.


"Wrapping paper"
Interactive Bus Shelter

To pass the time while waiting, we install a quick game in which users attempt to catch all of the vegetables in Del Monte cans
by moving the can back and forth on screen. After filling two such cans and cups, users would be rewarded with seasonal
wrapping paper that they could:

A) have emailed to them when they share their email with the installation;
B) delivered to their home.

"The validation"
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